This website was designed according to the accessibility guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) as regards the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), and the principle of universality.

The document of reference as pertains to website accessibility is the W3C's recommendation (published May 5, 1999) along the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 1.0) as it was adopted and integrated into Italian law Legge n. 4, 2004 (Legge Stanca) and into Presidential Degree (DPR) March 1, 2005, n. 75 (Regulation for the Implementation of the Legge Stanca).

In evaluating the degree of accessibility of the resources of this website, support applications for validations were utilized; at the same time, great attention was devoted to analytical and manual evaluations, performed by qualified personnel, and following the checklist as included in WCAG 1.0.

Consequent to the checks performed, the website was determined to meet the following standards:

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Second level of conformance (AA) in accordance with WCAG 1.0

Advanced Navigation Support

In order to ensure the widest possible access to the contents of the Signa Maris website, tools for advanced navigation support (specifically, Rapid Access Keys) have been introduced for quick movement among its subpages.

Rapid access keys are as follows:

  • H = Return to Homepage
  • I = Go to Itineraries
  • P = Go to Ports
  • R = Go to Search
  • O = Go to Project
  • C = Go to Contacts
  • N = Go to Legal Notice
  • Y = Go to Privacy Policy
  • K = Go to Accessibility
  • M = Go to Site Map

We remind users that certain combinations of rapid access keys may differ according to browser. See those related to the most frequently-used browsers below:

  • ALT + CAPS LOCK + KEY - Mozilla Firefox (Version 2.0 and up)
  • ALT + KEY - Mozilla Firefox (Versions Prior to 2.0)
  • ALT + KEY + ENTER - Internet Explorer
  • CAPS LOCK + ESC + KEY - Opera

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