Marina di Riposto, Porto dell'Etna - UNESCO Site, Mt. Etna

Mount Etna


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From Marina di Riposto, climb Mount Etna, UNESCO World Heritage Site with an out-of-this-world landscape. Etna's unique landscapes mystify travelers, and its soil is surprisingly fertile: indeed, tomatoes and pistachioes grown on its slopes are highly-prized in Italy.


In occasion of Expo Milano 2015, the Italian Government is working to promote the "EXPO and Territories" initiative, a journey in discovery of Italy's hidden treasures and agro-alimentary excellence. "EXPO 2015" explores any and all cultural heritage tied to the initiative.

Porto dell'Etna - Marina di Riposto

Riposto, Catania

Porto dell'Etna - Marina di Riposto

This modern port is big enough for yachts and sailboats, and is an excellent option for those wanting to dock and head to Mt. Etna or Taormina (just six miles away). Lying 30 minutes from Fontanarossa Airport, it is an ideal setting-off point for a cruise of the Mediterranean.

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The largest active volcano in Europe reigns on the beautiful island of Sicily, and expresses itself in a number of openings - produced by one explosion or another - at diverse altitudes of the mountain. Visitors have easy access to Etna (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and to its many environments. Walking the forests, taking its paths in search of breathtaking panoramas, and enjoying many of the fruits of which Etna is the source (oenogastronomy in particular) are just some of the ways to spend a day or half a day here, any time of the year.

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