The Phlegraean Fields and Thermal Tourism

A View of the Phlegraean Fields

The Phlegraean Fields are rooted in myth – literally – having conquered their place in history thanks to the importance both Homer and Virgil give them when they identify a vast volcanic area in northwest Naples, made up of numerous craters. The only one of these still active today is the Solfatara, while those dormant are Lake Averno, the Astroni and Monte Nuovo (natural oases). The Solfatara caldera continues to experience magmatic activity, with intense fumaroles and thermal waters (open to bathers at places like Agnano and Baia). The thermal spa tradition dates back to the Roman Empire, long sought-after for improving a number of health issues. Finally, the submerged Archaeological Park of Baia is considered a paradise for scuba enthusiasts and snorkelers.

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