Villa Floridiana/Duca di Martina Decorative Arts Museum

Villa Floridiana, on Naples's Vomero Hill

The Villa Floridiana, set in an eight-hectare park on the Vomero Hill, boasts and incomparable panoramic view of the entire Bay of Naples. The Villa owes its name to the Duchess of Floridia, Lucia Migliaccio, the morganatic wife of Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies. Acquired between 1815 and 1817, it became the Duchess’s summer residence. Since 1931, the Museum has hosted one of the foremost Italian collections of decorative artworks, comprising approximately 7,000 western and Oriental objects dating to between the 10th and 19th Centuries. The collections originally belonged to Placido de Sangro, Duke of Martina; he was thus the namesake for the museum that officially got its start in the late 1800s.

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