Marina del Gargano

Located in the Gulf of Manfredonia, and adjacent to the historic center, the Marina di Gargano hosts boats and yachts up to 60 m long. The port's strategic position and quality services render this an exceptional berthing spot for travelers interested in visiting the Gargano Promontory or for navigating further afield, whether in Italiano or international waters.

Address Lungomare del Sole, 1
Telephone +39 0884-583620
Contact E-mail
Coordinates 41° 37',84 N, 15° 54',99 E
Radio VHF channel 74
Number of Berths - Maximum Boat Length 700 - 60 meters
Hours of Entry Continuous
Sea Floor From 2.5 to 6 meters
Sea Depth o Seabed Sandy
Winds and Transverse Winds Mistral - Quadrants II, III and IV

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