Marina di Cala del Sole

Marina di Cala del Sole is Licata's new touristic port, a modern hub on Sicily's southern coast. Positioned at the center of the Mediterranean, it is an ideal base from which to set sail for the islands of Malta, Pantelleria, the Egadi Islands, or even Spain, Greec, Turkey and North Africa.

Address Corso Argentina
Telephone +39 0922-1837137
Contact E-mail
Coordinates 37° 6',10 N, 13° 56',24 E
Radio VHF channel 74
Number of Berths - Maximum Boat Length 394 - 70 meters
Hours of Entry Continuous
Sea Floor Quayed, from 4.2 to 6 meters
Sea Depth o Seabed Sandy
Winds and Transverse Winds Quadrants I and II

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