Marina di Portorosa - Marina Yachting

Marina di Portorosa, just a few kilometers from the Aeolian Islands, is an elegant, modern structure offering 650 mooring spots for boats as long as 35 meters. The staff are well-qualified, the services ecellent, and shops and restaurants guarantee a convenient, peaceful stay.

Address Complesso Portorosa Tribunetta ex Atlantide
Telephone +39 0941-874280
Contact E-mail
Coordinates 38° 7',35 N, 15° 6',74 E
Radio VHF channel 9 Portorosa Marina Yachting
Number of Berths - Maximum Boat Length 650 - 35 meters
Hours of Entry Continuous
Sea Floor Harbor entry 3.5 to 5 meters; Harbor basin 2.5 - 3.5 meters
Sea Depth o Seabed Sand and Mud
Winds and Transverse Winds I and IV - NW

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