Port of Bagnara Calabra

Just 30 kilometers from Reggio Calabria's historic center - site of significant attractions including museums, Greek ruins, the Cathedral, the Pinacoteca (painting gallery) and much more - is the touristic port, which can host up to 200 boats.

Address Via Vincenzo Florio, 35
Telephone 0965-47914
Website www.compagniaportualerc.it
Contact E-mail info@portobagnara.it
Coordinates 38° 17',3 N, 15° 48',20 E
Radio VHF channel 11
Number of Berths - Maximum Boat Length 200 - ...meters
Hours of Entry Continuous
Sea Floor Quayed, from 5 to 15 meters
Sea Depth o Seabed Sandy
Winds and Transverse Winds Ponente/Mistral - Levant/Sirocco

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